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Welcome to People School Science of People

Feel Confident In Every Interaction, In Every Conversation, And Create New Opportunities.


The only science-based interpersonal communication training program for top performers who want to rapidly build trust, communicate assertively and stand out from their peers with every interaction.



12 Advanced Skills. 12 Powerful Secrets.


Here’s what you’ll learn in People School:


Skill 1: The Charisma Formula

Never get lost in a room full of people and know how to leave people asking about you (and remembering you) long after you’ve left.


Skill 2: Prime Your Performance

Get the results you want from your interactions, every time, without being inauthentic, manipulative, or slimy.


Skill 3: Become Engaging

Send signals that you can be both capable and friendly and keep people interested and energized in conversation.


Skill 4: Capture Attention

Start interesting conversations, keep them going, and pitch your ideas in a way that leaves people curious and excited.


Skill 5: Build Trust

Rapidly build trust and mutual rapport for lasting and meaningful relationships.


Skill 6: Harness Power

Be taken seriously, interrupted less, and command authority and respect.


Skill 7: The Likeability Blueprint

Use the likability blueprint to be more socially successful.


Skill 8: Decode People

Speed-read people’s intentions and interests so you can eliminate confusion, remove doubts, and connect more deeply with anyone.


Skill 9: Capitalize On Your Conversations and Relationships

Move beyond small talk to create powerful connections and never run out of things to say.


Skill 10: Assert Yourself

Develop social assertiveness and get what you need and want out of interactions.


Skill 11: Increase Your Influence

Lead with authority and authenticity and get your ideas adopted.


Skill 12: Strengthen Connections

Become indispensable at work and thrive on your team.



People School Science of People Overview


People School Science of People Download


How many of these statements sound like you?

  • You have great ideas, but have trouble getting them adopted. (And the typical elevator pitch makes your skin crawl!)
  • You know you’re incredibly talented, but dread asking for a raise, raising your rates or negotiating for what you know you deserve.
  • You have trouble saying no, to events that drain you, to social obligations and to toxic people.
  • You are often under-appreciated for your hard work because you don’t always know how to showcase your strengths.
  • You want a strong network with high quality contacts without having to go to a networking event every single night of the week (or be a smarmy salesman).
  • You want to have influence without being inauthentic.
  • You’ve already achieved a certain degree of success, but you know you can do much more. Now you’re ready for the next level, but aren’t sure what steps to take next. (This doesn’t mean you aren’t busy! In fact, your to do list is jam packed, but your 5 year plan is worryingly ambiguous.)


If these statements sound like you, I want to help.

Here’s the problem: Most of us have not been given all the communication tools we need to succeed. We learned technical skills and job skills in school, but were barely given any communication skills training. No matter how talented you are, you cannot succeed if you can’t interview effectively, negotiate your worth, or be indispensable on a team.

I want you to be recognized for your talents. I want to get your ideas heard. I want you to be paid what you deserve. To do this, I have created the ultimate people skills training.

People School will teach you all the soft skills you were never taught in school.

My goal is to give you a foundation for effective communication you can use for the rest of your life to help you achieve your mission, up your impact and share your ideas with the world.


Hi, I’m Vanessa Van Edwards

Best-selling author of Captivate, the Science of Succeeding with People and founder at Science of People

More than 100 businesses, including Fortune 500 companies such as Google, American Express, and Intel, have hired me for one purpose: to help people succeed through the art and science of advanced communication.

I created People School so I could bring this career enhancing training to incredible individuals like you.



Vanessa Van Edwards - People School Science of People

Course publish year: 2019

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