Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi – Knowledge Business Blueprint

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What is the Knowledge Business Blueprint?

Knowledge Broker Blueprint program mockup with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi in the background

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint, formerly Knowledge Business Blueprint or KBB for short, is the flagship training from two of the world’s leading transformation coaches, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a comprehensive online training and software, called MindMint, which is designed to teach you how you can tap into the $355 million per day knowledge industry.

The training will teach you the secrets of using the knowledge and information you already possess, and how to ethically position yourself as an expert (in any field) and profit by selling this knowledge to others.

Knowledge Business Blueprint Review and Breakdown

The transformational KBB system consists of 4 main parts:

  • The main Knowledge Broker Blueprint Online Training 
  • Done-For-You MindMint Software
  • The Power Moves Section
  • Access to the KBB Facebook group of 20,000+ course members and like-minded knowledge brokers

Inside the Main Knowledge Broker Blueprint Online Training

The KBB online video training is split into 4 major sections:

Module 1 – Extract It
Module 2 – Fill It
Module 3 – Run It
Module 4 – Knowledge Broker

Module 1 – Extract It:

  1. Tony and Dean’s Secrets to Transformational Success
  2. Uncovering Your Inner Expertise
  3. Identifying your Ideal Client
  4. The Triangle Mastermind Model
  5. Tony’s Most Prized Live Event Toolbox
  6. MindMint Software Agenda Creation

Module 2 – Fill It:

  1. Event Funnel Magic Blueprint
  2. Becoming A Digital Marketing Expert
  3. The Marketing Wheel of the Knowledge Business Blueprint
  4. How to Collect Payments and What to Charge
  5. The Entire Sales Funnel Setup in 30 Minutes
  6. Tony’s Launch Secrets Revealed (Decades of Distilled Knowledge)



Module 3 – Run It:

  1. The Exact Mastermind Formula
  2. Virtual Event Checklists And How to Use Them
  3. The Perfect In-Person Live Event
  4. Perfect Event Process Secrets
  5. The Event Logistics Training
  6. Tony’s Seamless Event Hacks

Module 4 – Knowledge Broker:

  1. The Profitable “Knowledge Broker” Formula
  2. How to Maximize the Profits From Your Knowledge
  3. How to Broker Someone Else’s Knowledge
  4. How to Leverage Networks and Mastermind Groups
  5. How to Create Your Own Mastermind Group
  6. How to Grow and Profit From Your Mastermind Group