Vanessa Van Edwards – The Power of Body Language

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Vanessa Van Edwards – The Power of Body Language


Make A Memorable First Impression.

How strong is your first impression? In this course, body language expert Vanessa Van Edwards explains how to use non-verbal communication to become the most memorable person in any room.

Vanessa will show you how to:

  • Read people by gauging their visual cues
  • Use body language to your advantage in meetings
  • How to tell if people are lying.
  • Voice modulation so you can impress clients in phone conversations
  • “Statement Analysis” to help you write powerful emails, website copy, and business cards

This Power of Body Language course will positively affect every part of your professional life.  By the end of the course, you’ll be able to identify exactly what impression your verbal and nonverbal language is giving, and how to increase it.


Vanessa Van Edwards is lead investigator at the Science of People. She is the national bestselling author of Captivate: The Science of Succeeding With People, which has been translated into 14 languages. Her innovative work on behavior, communication and relationships have been featured on CNN, NPR and Fast Company and Entrepreneur Magazine. Her YouTube videos have been seen by over 24 million


Body Language Quiz and First Impressions  Duration:37:29
Elevator Pitch Clinic  Duration:44:32
How Body Language Changes Perception  Duration:23:48
Microexpressions: Decoding the Face  Duration:45:23
Microexpressions Continued  Duration:37:07
6  Discover & Address Emotional Needs  Duration:37:15
7  Questions & Self-Diagnosis  Duration:14:05
8  How Your Body Reacts  Duration:19:56
9  Power Body Language  Duration:54:11
10  Lie Detection Challenge 2  Duration:20:54
11  Perfect Elevator Pitch  Duration:35:33
12  Elevator Pitch Mistakes & Fixes  Duration:26:36
13  Elevator Pitch Practice and Critique  Duration:34:16
14  Networking Body Language Tips  Duration:47:31
15  Increase Income: Your Nonverbal Actions  Duration:36:09
16  Nonverbal Sales Pitch  Duration:43:31
17  Read Their Cues  Duration:38:48
18  Verbal Mirroring & Sales Mistakes  Duration:29:39
19  Human Lie Detection Steps 1 – 3  Duration:43:50
20  Human Lie Detection Steps 4 – 5  Duration:49:10
21  Human Lie Detection Steps 6 – 7  Duration:38:19
22  Putting Your New Skills To The Test  Duration:29:14
23  Your Nonverbal Brand  Duration:42:37
24  Body Language for Photographers  Duration:22:49
25  Body Language Hacks  Duration:18:35
26  Negotiation Tips  Duration:35:18
27  Students Pitch with Their New Skills